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通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

通知公告Domestic only

通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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November 23, 2018 Henglibao graphene in-situ polymerized nylon filament and terminal intelligent products were unveiled at the 2018 China Textile Military and Civilian Fusion Development Forum


On November 23, General Manager Jiang Yan of our company participated in the military needs of the China Textile Military and Civil Integration Working Committee, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Environment and Textile Engineering Department, the China Industrial Textile Industry Association and the Military Academy of Systems Engineering Research Institute at the Beijing Capital Hotel The 2018 China Textile Military-Civilian Integration Development Forum hosted by the Engineering Technology Institute.

Leaders and experts from relevant national ministries and commissions, Chinese Academy of Engineering, military related units, China Textile Industry Federation, and representatives from universities, research institutes, and enterprises engaged in military textiles related industrial chains in various fields of textiles participated in this conference More than 500 people.

At the conference, General Manager Jiang Yan launched a heated discussion on the future development direction of graphene nylon and the participants of major companies. After the meeting, professors from the materials department of Tianjin University of Technology and other well-known colleges and universities had a strong interest in our research results. Both sides conducted several hours of discussion on the optimization of material performance. After the discussion, representatives of major enterprises and universities All of them hold high expectations and awards for our graphene in-situ polymerized nylon.

The meeting pointed out that in military supplies, fiber materials and textiles accounted for only second to steel. China is currently the world's largest producer of textile and apparel. It has been able to produce high-performance fibers such as carbon fiber, aramid, polyimide, polyphenylene sulfide, high-strength high-modulus polyethylene, and other conventional fibers such as polyester and nylon. Functionalization, processing, molding and functional finishing technologies are constantly improving, and the textile industry's ability to serve the defense military industry is constantly increasing.

In the product display area of ​​the forum, a large number of new products and new technologies emerging from the integration of military and civilian products of China Textile were displayed. The display area was divided into a comprehensive display area and an enterprise desktop display area. The comprehensive exhibition area contains four categories: emergency protection, fiber raw materials, aerospace, and military products, with 58 exhibits provided by 30 units. Among them, the smart heating leather boots from our company and graphene in-situ polymerized nylon have attracted wide attention. Different from other exhibits, our products are more in line with the forum theme "military-civilian integration" in appearance design and concept transformation


As a civilian yarn, graphene nylon can also play its strengths in the military industry. I believe that in the future development, Henglibao will closely follow the general requirements of high-quality development and focus on the new industry label of "technology, fashion, green". , Actively develop equipment that is more suitable for our armed forces, and strive to create miracles and glory for our military equipment!

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