The world's first industrial mass production

Graphene in-situ polymerization nylon 6 production line


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Graphene in-situ polymerized nylon 6 fiber tag


Nylon that truly "grows" graphene


Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

通知公告Domestic only

通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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On August 3, 2018, Gu Guobiao, the secretary of the Haian Municipal Party Committee, and his party visited our company for guidance


On the afternoon of August 3, 2018, Gu Guobiao, Secretary of the Hai'an Municipal Committee of Nantong City, Mayor Yu Lizhong, and Zhou Zongquan, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, heads of various departments of the municipal government, and principal heads of the government of Duntou Town, etc. visited our production base (Jiangsu Jiangshanhong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.) visited and guided, and our Deputy General Manager Huang Rongqing warmly received Secretary Gu and his entourage. Mr. Huang first detailed the overall planning of the company and the current project construction of the company to Secretary Gu; then Mr. Huang reported to Mr. Gu the production target after the project was put into production: the first-phase project of graphene nylon 6 slices has a daily output of about 10 tons, and the year after the official production The output is about 3,000 tons, and the second-phase project of graphene nylon 6 slices has a daily output of 65 tons. Secretary Gu highly praised our graphene in-situ polymerization nylon 6 production project, hoping that we can overcome the difficulties caused by the high temperature weather to the construction, ensure the construction quality, pay close attention to the construction safety, put it into operation as soon as possible, and realize the benefits as soon as possible. Various departments and the government of Duntou Town coordinated to solve the problems encountered during the construction of the Haian production base, provided good services for the enterprise, and made Jiangshan Hong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. a growth point for local economic development.

We firmly believe that under the cordial care of the Hai'an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and Duntou Town Government, the construction of our Hai'an production base will surely proceed smoothly!


Secretary Gu and his party arrived at our company


President Huang introduced the overall plan of the project to Secretary Gu


Secretary Gu gave a speech

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