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通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

通知公告Domestic only

通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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August 31, 2017 Graphene Physics and Chemistry Dialogue


On August 31, 2017, Prof. Konstantin Novoselov, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, Dr. Lai Zhongping, Chairman and General Manager of Nanjing Dingteng Materials Co., Ltd., and Deputy General Manager Lu Lulu and his party visited our company for technology communicate with. The head of Henglibao's technical team and some member units of the China-Sino Graphene Alliance received Professor Constantine and his party.


Prof. Constantine first visited our sample display area. The sales department manager Dai Shuxun introduced our products and downstream chemical fiber products in detail. Prof. Constantine stopped and asked our in-situ polymerized graphene polyamide and its Application situation of downstream chemical fiber products.

In the conference room on the second floor, Manager Dai introduced the main chemical mechanism of our graphene in-situ polymerization polyamide 6 and the main characteristics of the product through PPT, and made a presentation on our current production scale and the production base under investment. Introduction. Professor Constantine's team was surprised by the scale and speed of our graphene's industrial application, and asked about the development, application and market situation of the downstream products of the China-China Graphene Industry Alliance.



In the technical exchange, Huang Rongqing, the deputy general manager of the company, firstly proposed the problem of precise control and positioning of graphene doping elements under the industrial scale. Professor Constantine explained the positioning and doping control methods of doping elements.

The general manager of the company, Jiang Yan, put forward requirements on the reactivity and barrier effects of doped elements, and explained the effects of these effects in in-situ polymerization. Dr. Lai Zhongping said that the Manchester team will be allowed to verify the requirements of these plans. And provide related graphene samples to our company for further application testing. Both parties discussed the application of graphene polyamide properties, and Professor Constantine had expectations for the application of flame retardant, antistatic or electrical and thermal conductivity. A burning test was conducted on the graphene polyamide fiber on site. Professor Constantine repeatedly observed the flame-retardant fiber after self-extinguishment. The performance of the flame-retardant fiber without melting droplets caused his strong interest.


The company's chief scientists Professor Luo Zhenyang and Professor Constantine explained their respective views on the flame retardant mechanism of graphene, and discussed the toughening mechanism of graphene. The two parties also had in-depth exchanges on the application prospects of graphene chemical fiber in thermal conductivity, electromagnetic, far infrared and other performance products.

In the discussion of product detection methods, Professor Constantine's method of using physical means to characterize graphene gave Henribao's technical team a new inspiration.

After the exchange, Professor Constantine gladly took a group photo with Henglibao team and some leaders of the Suzhong Graphene Alliance.


Keywords: Henglibao graphene    graphene PA6


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