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通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

通知公告Domestic only

通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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2017 Changzhou Henglibao's "Concentration and Enthusiasm" Youth League Building Activity


In order to further improve the company's personnel management skills and levels, expand work ideas, improve working methods and improve work efficiency, in order to strengthen corporate culture construction, enhance internal communication and cohesion of the company, and understand the company's new projects and new trends, May 2017, Changzhou Hengli General Manager Jiang Yan of Bao personally led all employees of Changzhou Henglibao to Haitong, Nantong, and carried out an extraordinary team building activity.


Upon arriving at the destination, the staff of Huang Zongdai, who was familiar with the local area, introduced the introduction of some special attractions in Haian. Finally, everyone unanimously decided to visit Haian Dolphinarium. After a short tour, we went to our final and most A meaningful destination—Jiangsu Jiangshanhong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. At this time, Jiangsu Jiangshanhong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is still in the development stage, and the equipment is still being installed and commissioned. The personnel of the installation company are systematically carrying out the initial planning. The 100-acre plant will have a close relationship with Changzhou Henglibao in the future. It will be the production base for the in-situ graphene polymerization polyamide 6 project of Changzhou Henglibao Nano New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The overall plan of this large workshop project is to build two graphene in-situ polymerized polyamide 6 production lines to achieve an annual output of 2.5wt of graphene polyamide 6 chips, 3000t of graphene polyamide 6 short fibers, and an annual output of 60t Functional graphene production line. And we are witnessing its history and its growth, which is undoubtedly a surge of heart.


After the event, everyone had a meal together, and the joy and excitement were beyond words.

The team building activity strengthened the communication and assistance between employees, strengthened the company's team cohesion, and let employees understand the company's development prospects, opportunities and challenges, and at the same time more clearly defined their job responsibilities and future plans.

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