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Nylon that truly "grows" graphene


Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

通知公告Domestic only

通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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Graphene nylon 6, magic antistatic fiber


The static electricity generated by the friction between materials is often due to the insulating polymer material of the carrying pipe or equipment, so the static electricity cannot leak. After a long period of accumulation, it is easy to produce a high-load static voltage, resulting in obvious discharge phenomena. Explosion of coal mines and other equipment. Therefore, the development of antistatic technology has become a global hot spot, and the addition of antistatic agents has become an important solution.

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial with good electronic properties. Because of the existence of Dicla point, the mobility of electrons on graphene is very high, which makes graphene have good conductivity.

The carrier mobility of graphene at room temperature is about 15000cm/(V·S), which is more than 10 times that of silicon materials. It is currently known as indium antimonide (InSb), which has the highest carrier mobility. More than twice. Under certain specific conditions, such as low temperature, the carrier mobility of graphene can even be as high as 250,000 cm/(V·S). Unlike many materials, the electron mobility of graphene is less affected by temperature changes. At any temperature between 50 and 500K, the electron mobility of single-layer graphene is around 15000cm/(V·s), and the resistance The rate is only about 10-6Ω·cm, which is the material with the smallest resistivity in the world.


Figure 1 graphene nylon 6 antistatic fabric

With the excellent electrical conductivity of graphene, our graphene nylon 6 filament and staple fiber specific resistance can reach 106-9 level. In the production and processing of nylon-cotton blended yarn, no antistatic agent is even added, which is also a major technological breakthrough in the field of nylon production and processing.


Figure 2 Graphene nylon 6 antistatic clothing

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