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通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

通知公告Domestic only

通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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In-depth interpretation! A new horizon of China's fiber development! Textile Materials Innovation Forum is full of dry goods


On the morning of May 29th, Wang Huaping, deputy dean of Donghua University Research Institute and director of the Key Laboratory of High Performance Fibers of the Ministry of Education, conducted an in-depth interpretation of the "2020/2021 China Fiber Trends" and opened up the "new horizon of fiber" textile materials Prologue to the Innovation Forum.


In the report, Wang Huaping first reviewed the historical changes of fiber materials, from Huang Daopo to the Silk Road, and then to the modern era of polymer chemistry. The synthetic fibers represented by the "six daluns" not only met our dressing needs , And provides a more durable, comfortable and easy to wear wearing experience. With the development of science and technology, functional fibers represented by hygroscopicity, heat resistance, antibacterial and flame retardant, and green ecological fibers represented by recycling, bio-based, coloring of original solution, stain resistance and easy cleaning, are electrically conductive, temperature-adjustable and environmentally sensitive. The intelligent fiber represented by it promotes the iterative upgrade of synthetic fiber materials to functionalization, greening and intelligentization.

As a systematic project, China's fiber fashion trend research will focus on hotspots and major events, keyword and chapter surveys, heat search, fiber fashion element research, etc., and lay a solid foundation for product selection and fashion trend release. Based on the 2020/2021 fiber trend research work, Wang Huaping put forward some important points worth paying attention to in the industry: in terms of green development, biomass raw materials, green production processes, and self-cleaning fibers are more concerned; in terms of wearing comfort, skin-friendly and antistatic More attention is paid to moisture absorption and quick-drying; in terms of sports functions, moisture absorption and quick-drying, cooling and lightness are more concerned; in terms of hygiene, anti-mite, bacteriostasis, and mildew are more concerned; in terms of safety protection, flame retardant, anti-cut, Radiation protection is more concerned; in terms of smart products, temperature-induced discoloration, electrochromism, and photochromism are more concerned; in terms of ecological and environmental protection, degradability (natural environmental protection) and adsorption (water treatment field) are more concerned.

Finally, Wang Huaping introduced the representative new fiber products in this trend release from four parts: fiber, green, fiber, ingenuity, fiber, quality, fiber and tripod, and explained the "2020/2021 China fiber popular "Trend" selects "Shouzheng and Dingxin" as the main theme of the trend release theme: China's fiber development has experienced an unprecedented flyover from weak to strong, from immature to mature, and contains generations of generations of fiber people who have gone through the thorny exploration and hard work. Work tirelessly. We hope that we will not forget our original intentions, make great efforts to innovate, promote the subversive and revolutionary improvement of the industry, and write a new chapter of the industry's rapid development.

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