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通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

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通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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In the post-epidemic era, the seven hotspot materials are worse than the competition, it is better to wait for work!


During the epidemic, although many companies seized the opportunity to produce masks, mask machines, melt-blown materials, melt-blown cloth and related equipment, but a large number of melt-blown cloth products went on the market from this month to the beginning of next month, the price will drop significantly. The mask industry should also be moderated, the heat will not be maintained from the New Year to the present state, and will enter the era of quality, technology and production capacity.

Similarly, the helmet-related industry has skyrocketed in the past two days, but after all, it is not a high-threshold industry, and investment in equipment will not be too much. If you missed the front tuyere, don’t immediately follow the latest tuyere and pay attention to the Tianji horse racing.

So, in the post-epidemic era, what hot industries can we focus on?

As the epidemic is gradually brought under control, the global economy urgently needs to be restored. New infrastructure construction focusing on 7 major areas including 5G infrastructure, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet will become the focus of future investment It will also become a new engine for driving economic growth.


According to the "New Infrastructure Development White Paper" recently released by CCID think tank, by 2025, the direct investment of "new infrastructure" in seven fields including 5G infrastructure, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transportation will reach 100,000 One billion yuan will drive investment to accumulate or exceed 17 trillion yuan. With the construction of new infrastructure, the application of new technologies, the growth of new demand, and the establishment of new forms and new patterns, industries closely related to new infrastructure will also usher in new opportunities and broad prospects.

5G infrastructure

5G has opened up a wide range of applications with the characteristics of ultra-high speed, low latency, massive connections, ubiquitous network, and low power consumption, and opened the era of Internet of Everything. With the continuous improvement of the role and status of mobile communications in social and economic development, 5G will become an important engine for high-quality economic development, and 5G construction will become a hot spot for investment.

The rapid development of 5G network construction will also effectively promote the investment in sub-sectors such as small base stations, antennas, radio frequency devices, optical modules and other communication components and software, and 5G terminals. According to the prediction of China Information Communication Institute, by 2025, my country's investment in 5G network construction will reach 1.2 trillion yuan, driving investment in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and various industries to exceed 3.5 trillion yuan.

With the development of 5G, the base station is the first. At present, the construction of 5G base stations is in full swing, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expects to build more than 500,000 5G base stations throughout 2020.

The direct benefits include base station antenna elements (PPS/LCP), radome materials (ASA/PP/PC/PEEK, etc.), PCBs (LCP, PTFE, PPO, hydrocarbon resins, etc.), ceramic filters, and heat dissipation materials (including Thermally conductive silica gel, graphite sheet, double-sided adhesive, metal heat dissipation materials, etc.), LDS materials, absorbing materials, shielding materials, high-frequency connector materials (LCP, PTFE, etc.), cable materials (PTFE, TPEE, etc.) and filling reinforcement Materials (low dielectric glass fiber, glass beads, etc.) and so on.

In terms of 5G terminal application, due to 5G millimeter wave communication and 5G antenna design, mobile phone terminals have strict requirements on the material of the mobile phone case. The metal material will shield the 5G signal. Therefore, the material of the back cover and middle frame of the 5G mobile phone is demetallized, ceramic and glass , Plastic (PC, PC/PMMA) back cover has become the mainstream solution, and the penetration rate of aluminum-plastic composite middle frame has gradually increased.


At the same time, the demand for 5G mobile phone antenna materials (LCP, MPI, LDS materials, etc.) has increased.


According to the information of the Ministry of Transport, the target of railway investment in 2020 is 800 billion yuan, which is basically the same as 802.9 billion yuan in 2019. In recent years, railway investment has focused more on high-speed rail and inter-city railroads when the total amount is stable. The inter-city high-speed railway and urban rail transportation have brought continuous demand to high-performance modified nylon, including applications such as rail fasteners, railway switches, rolling bearing cages for vehicles, bogie core disc wear plates, and track insulation equipment.

According to Sinochem Consulting's estimates, in the construction of rail transit in 2020, the demand for high-performance modified nylon for rail transit fasteners will reach about 2,000 tons.

New energy vehicle charging pile

Industry insiders pointed out that as the "new infrastructure" accelerates, the bidding and construction of charging piles will return to the power grid company, and its large-scale construction will bring huge investment to the industry's overall investment. It is expected that the charging pile equipment market will reach 122.1 billion in the next five years. yuan.

The construction of charging piles ushered in a climax, and manufacturers of high-power DC charging piles may directly benefit. In addition, upstream charging pile shells, charging gun shells, plugs, sockets, circuit breakers, contactors, power module shells, charging piles The market demand for cable-related materials will also usher in growth.

Due to the special environment of the charging pile, in order to ensure the safety of use, the choice of charging pile materials has strict requirements on the materials' impact resistance, flame retardancy, electrical performance, weather resistance, low temperature resistance, and aging resistance. Common plastics are:


The charging pile cable is exposed to the outdoor for a long time, and it is inevitable that it will be dragged, twisted, stretched, etc. during use, and may be corroded by acid and alkali liquids. The current strength during charging is high and the frequency of use is high. Therefore, the charging pile cable The cable material needs to have UV resistance, high and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy, good insulation and flexibility. Commonly used materials are TPE, TPU, PVC/HNBR, silicone, XLPE (XLPO), EPR, TPV, etc.

Biodegradable plastic

According to incomplete statistics, more than 60 countries around the world have issued policies or laws restricting the use of plastics, promoting the use of biodegradable materials through taxation of plastic bags, voluntary agreements, and comprehensive bans. During the two sessions in 2019, the NPC deputies suggested that the state should formulate regulations to encourage practitioners and consumers to use green and environmentally friendly biodegradable materials.

Therefore, in the era of the global "plastic ban", biodegradable plastics will also become the next outlet.

Among the biodegradable plastics, the most common and widely used is polylactic acid (PLA). In addition, there are PHA, PCL, PBS/PBSA, PBAT and so on.

Plastic circular economy

In order to alleviate the problem of plastic pollution, in addition to promoting biodegradable plastics, it has become a global consensus to build a global plastic recycling system and achieve closed-loop recycling of plastics. Recycled plastics have attracted much attention. The types and technologies of renewable waste plastics have been upgraded and renovated. Environmental technologies and equipment such as pellets and waste plastic pyrolysis have become the focus.


Home Economics and Home Office

Affected by the outbreak of the epidemic, the home office model brought about by the restrictions on the return to work and school for the upgrade of equipment, the "home economy" reliance on entertainment products, the promotion of online education on related technical equipment, and the promotion of 5G technology have made the home pan-smart Terminal equipment will enter a period of scale development, including smart audio, smart routing, smart door locks, smart sweeping robots, smart air purifiers, smart security, etc., and 5G provides a low-latency, immersive experience for VR/AR, which has inspired VR/AR equipment is used in entertainment and education industries.

The increase in consumption of smart wearable products such as smart hardware and VR/AR devices will also bring new growth points to industry chain companies, including materials, processing, and equipment. In terms of material selection, the shell material not only pays attention to performance but also takes into account the face value, but also needs to be light, thin, strong and durable, mainly PC, PA, PP, ABS, etc., need to meet impact resistance, light aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant, processing Good performance, easy to color and other requirements.

Antibacterial material

After the epidemic, health and safety issues will become more important. And there are often a large number of bacteria, molds and even viruses on people’s daily lives, which threatens human health. Therefore, antibacterial materials with sterilization and bacteriostatic properties will attract much attention, such as antibacterial plastics, antibacterial fibers, antibacterial ceramics and antibacterial metals Materials, etc., are widely used in household appliances, building materials, decorative materials, textiles, clothing, kitchenware, sanitary ware and other fields.


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