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通知公告The world's first industrial mass production

通知公告Domestic only

通知公告Nylon that truly "grows" graphene

通知公告Revolutionary upgrade of traditional nylon industry

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Please pay attention to the majority of brands! "Green Fiber" starts product certification, retrospective management allows "green" throughout the textile industry chain


In today's society, the concept of green environmental protection has long been deeply rooted in people's minds, and the "clothing, food, housing and transportation" of human life are undergoing "green upgrade", which can be described as "no green, no future". The greening of textiles has always been the focus of many textile and apparel brands.

On May 28th, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association sponsored the "Green Life, Start with Fibers"-Green Fiber Products Certification Online Release Event, which officially opened the "Green Fiber" certification to "Green Fiber Products" certification The direction of the green fiber mark certification work is clearer. The reporter of this magazine learned from the launch event that in the future, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association will further use the green fiber logo as a source of transmission and driving role in textiles, open a new field of green fiber product certification, and gradually realize green production from raw materials to textiles.


GF certification:
From fiber to product, green concept penetrates into the entire textile industry chain

In recent years, the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association started the green fiber mark certification work, and nearly 30 chemical fiber companies have obtained green fiber mark certificates and green fiber product certification certificates. In order to further expand the promotion of green fiber mark certification, the green concept is passed on To downstream enterprises, at the press conference, the launch ceremony of green fiber product certification was held.


Gao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Sun Huaibin, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Chen Xinwei, Vice President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, and Ma Yongmei, General Manager of China Textile Standards Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd., pressed the green fiber product certification "launch" "Key", the green fiber logo certification work opened a new page.

GF certification:

From the raw materials to the process, fiber ratio, standards and traceability management, the key points of the whole system analysis and certification

Li Deli, deputy chief engineer of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, shared with you the relevant information on green fiber and product certification carried out by the association. He said that GF certification is a comprehensive judgment and assessment of the production process, safety and environmental protection, and product quality. Only in this way can GF certified fibers and products be truly green.

For chemical fiber production enterprises applying for GF certification, the document is based on the "Green Fiber Mark Use Management Regulations [2018 Edition]" issued by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association. The production of the enterprise needs to meet certain conditions. For products applying for GF certification, it must be In the fields of raw material procurement, fiber production process, product safety, environmental protection and other fields, it meets the conditions set by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association group standard "Technical Requirements for Green Fiber Evaluation". Importantly, factors such as total extractable heavy metals, chlorinated phenols, chlorinated benzene, and chlorinated toluene, which may affect human health, are the primary considerations for GF certified products.

For enterprises that use green fiber as raw material for product production, they need to apply in accordance with the "Green Fiber Product Certification Rules (Trial)" issued by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association in 2020. Product quality must meet the requirements of relevant standards (including national standards, industry standards and group standards).


Li Deli focused on the traceability management of product certification. The so-called traceability management means that the green fiber and its product manufacturing enterprises should keep the relevant raw material input and product output transaction documents and transportation documents, as well as the production and processing records of green fiber products and the material flow records of each process. Track the flow of green fiber through receipts, sales slips and other documents to determine its content in the product.

Finally, he put forward the mission and vision of the China Chemical Fiber Association to carry out GF certification: I hope that green fiber products with green sources, green cores and green products will enable consumers to truly enjoy the comfortable experience of "green life starts with fiber", and hope that the audience Friends and more entrepreneurs have participated in the certification of GF products, and work together with the China Chemical Fiber Association to jointly promote the greening process of the entire textile industry chain.

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